TtHgold Features



TTHgold is the commercial version of TTH, the world's fastest TEXto HTML translator. It translates LATEX or Plain TEX, including mathematical equations, into HTML that can be displayed directly by the popular graphical browsers without additional plugins, and without resorting to bit-mapped images for equations. The power, simplicity, and speed of TTH is supplemented in TTHgold by several additional attractive features that are described by and illustrated by this page and its linked pages, which were (of course) directly translated from a single LATEX document by TTHgold.


1  Graphical User Interface
2  Splitting of LATEXdocuments into multiple Web pages
3  TTHgold automatic LATEXsplitting
4  Automatic Cross-referencing
5  Additional Features of TTHgold
    5.1  Babel Support
    5.2  Partial AMSLaTeX support macros
    5.3  MIME splitting program
    5.4  TeX source of the Manual

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