1The problem with \rm in text is that HTML has no < rm > tag, and relies on cancelling all previous (e.g.) < i > or < b > tags. By default (using style -y1) TTH uses Cascading Style Sheets to solve this problem. However not all older browsers support CSS and even in those that do, the user can turn off the CSS support. The best solution is to avoid \rm by using proper grouping of non-roman text. (In equations \rm is essential, but TTH has a work-around in equations.)
2Conditionals \if and \ifx are not 100% TEX compatible for cases where they refer to internal TEX commands because TTH internals are not identical. Catcodes are also unknown to TTH.
3See appendix for TEX macros supporting these commands
4The PNG graphics file format is an improved replacement for the GIF standard. Netscape has built in rendering for PNG. The GIF standard is plagued with legal problems related to a ridiculous patent on the type of file compression it uses.
5May 1999 reports indicated that there is a batch program in circulation bearing the comment ":#batchified by cschenk@snafu.de" that tries to implement the functionality of ps2gif and gives errors on WinNT when called by TTH but not when called from the command line. I have not had recent reports of problems, so I think this problem has been fixed.
6The alignment argument of the math array environment was ignored in TTH versions earlier than 2.20 but is now honored.
7See the file colordvi.tex for a list of the named colors.
8It proves to be better to specify 4.0 as the HTML Doctype because on some operating systems symbol font rendering is not honored for 4.01 documents.

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