TtH Platform Support

This table indicates platforms on which I have verified that TtH compiles or runs. Reports from other people of successful compilation or operation are denoted "Reported" or [R]. An open blank does not necessarily mean that TtH won't run, just that I have not heard about it. If you have experience in one of the blanks, I would be grateful to hear from you at

Platform C (Compiler) Windows32 Linux ELF
Linux gcc wine tth.exe Native
MSDOS djgpp No
Windows 3.1x djgpp No
Windows 95/98 Cygnus, Mingw tthgold gui or
Windows NT/2000/XP Watcom, VisualC++1, Cygnus[R]command prompt
OS/2 gcc [R] Reported
Open VMS cc
Mac [OS 9] MrC[R]2
Mac OS X cc [R]
True64 Unix Dec cc
AIX cc, gcc [R]
HP-UX gcc [R]
FreeBSD [R]
Other Unix MIPSpro C, Sun cc, IRIX gcc, [R]

[By the way, do you like TtH's handling of LaTeX tabular environment?]


1Visual C++ is crippled by a string length limit of 2048. TtH version 1.93 on works around this limit.
2Daitaro Hagihara writes: "So, as far as I can tell, only PPC compilers (MrC and CYGNUS GCC) work with TTH on a Mac. I don't know the status of Metrowerks compilers since I don't have them." and reports that it is necessary to increase the shell stack size (2Mb being sufficient).

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